Remote Classroom Instruction

We schedule each class in every location.  It all starts with our master calendar of classes. When we schedule a class, we make it available at all of our training locations on that date.

For example, if Excel Advanced is scheduled on November 3rd, you can register for that class at any one of our locations (assumes early registration for availability).

Participants have equal instructor access.  On the day of class, we use conferencing technology to connect all of the students participating in that event. It is not uncommon to have 8 students participating from classrooms in 8 different cities with an instructor teaching from yet another location.  Our instructors are very practiced at working with remote students.  In almost all cases, there are no students in the same physical room as the instructor, giving everyone equal instructor access.

Small class size.  And speaking of class sizes, our average class size is 8 students.  Some people think that just because a class is online, we set the maximum class size larger. That is not the case at PWC Training. We use the same rule of thumb that we had for our traditional face-to-face classes.  With few exceptions, our maximum class size is 12.  And while the average class size is 8, we do run many classes with enrollments significantly less than that.

Low cancellations.  By combining enrollments from multiple locations, we are able to cancel fewer than 3% of our classes.  As a result, PWC Training Centers has one of the lowest class cancellation rates in the IT training industry.

And a free classroom with every class.  Our clients know that our classes can be taken from their home or office if they want. Even so, approximately 85 percent of students still choose to attend from a PWC Training location.  That is validation that clients prefer classroom training.