Excel 2016 Large Workbooks, Formulas and Functions

Program Name: Excel 2016 Large Workbooks, Formulas and Functions
Program Duration: 1 Day
Program Location: PWC Training Facility
Program Cost: $295
Program Delivery: Remote Live Instructor

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Learn the essentials managing large worksheets, creating models, and working financial, date, and logical functions.

Target Student
The course is for individuals who are responsible managing and creating large worksheets and models in Excel.

Excel 2013 or 2016 Introduction or equivalent skills.

Course Outline

Working with Workbooks
Viewing, Renaming, and Color-coding Worksheets
Editing a Group
Manipulating Worksheets

Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
Creating Linked Formulas
Using 3-D References
Consolidating Information by Position or Category
Viewing Multiple Worksheets
Viewing Worksheets in Different Workbooks
Using Absolute Cell References
Creating Linked Formulas between Workbooks

Understanding Functions
Creating and Using Absolute Named Ranges
Creating a Relative Named Range
Using Custom Zoom
Working with Functions
Working with Insert Function

Working with Financial and Date Functions
Using Financial Functions
Using Date Functions
Working with Auditing and Error Checking Tools

Working with Logical Functions
Using the IF Function
Nesting Functions
Using Multiple Conditions with the IF Function
Nesting IF Functions

Working with Lookup and Reference Functions
Using HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
Using the MATCH Function
Using the INDEX Function
Nesting the INDEX and MATCH Functions

Working with Data Analysis Tools
Creating Scenarios
Working with Scenarios
Using Goal Seek
Using One-Input Data Tables
Using Two-Input Data Tables
Understanding Solver
Defining a Problem
Solving a Problem
Generating a Report of Results and Alternate Solutions
Creating a Forecast Sheet

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