Excel 2013 Introduction

Program Name: Excel 2013 Introduction
Program Duration: 1 Day
Program Location: PWC Training Facility
Program Cost: $295
Program Delivery: Remote Live Instructor

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Knowledge of the appropriate Windows operating system. Must be
familiar with the mouse, menus, dialog boxes, scroll bars, the Start
menu and the taskbar. Proficiency with minimizing, maximizing and
restoring windows is required.

Getting Started
Starting Excel
Understanding the Display Screen
Working with the Ribbon
Working with the Quick Access Toolbar
Exploring the File Tab
Opening a Workbook
Managing Open Workbooks
Using Excel Help

Entering Data
Moving the Cell Pointer
Selecting a Range of Cells
Creating a New Workbook
Entering Constant Values
Saving a Workbook
Editing Cell Contents
Clearing Cell Contents
Working with Undo and Redo
Closing a Workbook
Exiting Excel

Using Formulas
Entering Formulas
Using the SUM Function
Summing Columns or Rows Automatically
Using Statistical Functions
Working with the Range Finder
Using Formula Error Checking

Working with Constant Values and Formulas
Copying and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas
Moving and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas
Using Collect and Paste
Using AutoFill

Formatting Worksheets
Formatting Numbers
Changing the Font Format
Aligning Cell Contents
Merging Cells
Adding Borders
Applying Cell Styles

Modifying Columns and Rows
Changing Column Width and Row Height
Using AutoFit
Inserting and Deleting Columns or Rows
Hiding Columns or Rows
Using Custom Worksheet Views

Editing Workbooks
Working with AutoCorrect
Checking Spelling
Using Find and Replace

Printing Worksheets
Using Print Preview
Using Page Setup Tools
Working in Page Layout View
Creating a Header and Footer
Using Page Break Preview
Printing a Worksheet

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